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Seniors Status: (TV Series - In Development)

Aging sucks. You can try to deny it as much as you want, and we do with cosmetic surgery, health potions, exercise and anything else that may claim to shave off a couple of years. But no matter how hard we try; we still age, as we’ve all seen with our own grandparents and parents.

Welcome to the City Center Seniors Centre… and Seniors.

When you put a cast of senior characters under one roof, anything will and does happen. Let’s face it, most seniors are set in their ways and not afraid to speak their mind to whomever will listen. And the consequences are hilarious.

But not everything goes smoothly in life…whether you’re young or old. Unfortunately, life can be lonely, friends pass on, and your body betrays your youthful mind. These elements are all part of a senior’s day.

Seniors - It’s about life, and it’s about time.