Alberta Film Productions - Jordan Films - When Calls the Heart
“Homeless Hearts” - A DOGumentary Status: (In Development)

Jordan Films is DOGumenting the transfer of 83 small-breed dogs from Central California SPCA to the Edmonton Humane Society. On October 8, 2009 these homeless dogs traveled in style from Fresno to Edmonton on a private jet donated by Jan Folk of Orange Dog. Within 10 days, all but 4 dogs were adopted by loving families in Edmonton. This life-saving mission is benefiting not only dogs that would have been euthanized in California, but the large number of Alberta families that are searching for these very popular small-breed dogs.

The DOGumentary follows this inspiring journey of hope, love and the compassion of all involved. Not only do the dogs benefit from this endeavor but we will also see relationships build between the California Foster Families and the loving Alberta families that adopted the dogs. This tremendous undertaking captured the media in both the United States and Canada.